Codemat barcode reader

Codemat barcode reader

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This camera based system is installed on a folder gluer machine, which is the last operation in the manufacture of cartons. It helps in avoiding mix ups of cartons which is very crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. Codemat can also detect the cartons with missing colors and mis registration. A unique code is designated to each product. This code is derived from the product name, company name, product strength, manufacturing place etc. This code is printed in a form of ‘Pharma code’ on the pasting flap of the carton. While the cartons are running on the folder gluer machine, ‘Codemat’ reads and verifies this code. Any difference in the code generates an error signal. The defective carton is ejected if the machine is equipped with an ejector mechanism, else the machine is stopped.

Codemat is a completely embedded product. It comprises of ‘Topsenso’ camera, which is an intelligent camera from Germany and a specially designed graphic user interface.

Codemat features

  • Hi speed system to detect ‘Mixed up cartons.
  • Installed on folder gluer machine at the print packaging house.
  • Also detect a carton with missing color and mis registration.
  • Can ‘Eject’ the defective carton without disturbing machine speed.
  • Supplied with a complimentary software ‘Simply Pharma’.
  • Can work up to a speed of 300 meter/ min and 1,20,000 cartons/ hour.
  • Designed with embedded technology.