Inspection System

  1. Glue Detection System

    The glue detection system is an online inspection system that checks the level of glue applied on the side pasting flap of cartons. A small sensor, mounted right after the glue tank, checks the glue level on the flap. The sensor accurately senses the glue quantity at different locations throughout the flap. With changeable tolerances for both, less and excess glue level, the required quantity of glue can be applied on the flaps. Whenever the glue quantity is less or more than the set limits, the carton is ejected. This eliminates improper application of glue on the side pasting flaps and assures proper pasting.
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  2. Codemat Barcode Reader

    Production of Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Food Packaging cartons is a ‘Multi Stage’ process. Further, Cartons of different products and make are manufactured at the same place. During this process, utmost care is taken to avoid mix-ups. But still some errors may pass a mix-up carton. To check this our system Codemat Barcode Reader helps you. Our camera based system is installed on a folder gluer machine, which is the last operation in the manufacturing process of cartons.A unique code is designated to each product. This code is derived from the product name, company name, product strength, manufacturing place etc. This code is printed in the form of ‘Pharma code’ on the pasting flap of the carton.While the cartons are running on the folder gluer machine, Codemat Barcode Reader reads and verifies this code. Any difference in the code generates an error signal. The defective carton is ejected if the machine is equipped with an ejector mechanism, else the machine is stopped.
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  3. Dual Camera Print Verification System

    A very efficiently designed system that contains two smart cameras from Topsenso,Germany. This system is used for the verification of the correctness of Pharma Leaflets / inserts and outserts. The cameras are installed on a leaflet folding machine. One camera verifies the upper surface while the other checks the lower surface of the leaflet.
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  4. Double Metal Sheet Detector

    We have Supersonic Double sheet sensors, Double Metal Sheet Detector which work on the principle of sound. These sensors are used in the offset machines manufactured currently in the most advanced countries like Germany and Japan. Ultrasonic double-sheet detectors distinguish between single and double sheets of paper and prevent double sheet or machine damage. A standard double sheet detector, with control unit suitable for the offset printing machine contains supersonic sensor along with a timing sensor and interlocking sensor. The interlocking sensor, Double Metal Sheet Detector do not allow the operator to start the machine without removing the double sheet.
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  5. Pharmacode Inspection System

    Our sensor based system checks printing errors in codes and avoids mixups online. A small, lightweight , compact sensor is used which is capable of inspection at very high speeds. Being a sensor based solution, it requires minimum involvement by the operator.This solution also helps to keep track of the total cartons that were rejected for mixups or misregistration of the pharmacode . It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry.This is an essential tool for all designers and printers of pharmaceutical packaging. Our inspection system ensures that the pharmacode on every carton is thoroughly inspected and those not up to the standard are ejected from the system thus assuring an immense improvement in the quality of packaging .
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  6. Registration Control System

    We provide a system to quickly and automatically adjust front-to-back registration on rotogravure machines. This system simplifies the process of registration adjustment by automatically calculating the spacing using sensors and accordingly calibrating the system ensuring quality production.
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