1. Cutting Machine Program

    Our product fits on top of any guillotine occupying very little space. It gives a clear view of the parameters and gives the operator accurate control of the back gauge. Even an amateur can operate the program easily Today we have over 4,000 systems functioning worldwide on hundreds of different models of guillotines backed up with strong and prompt support from PCSPL through our team has a very strong technological orientation .
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  2. Glue Detection System

    The glue detection system is an online inspection system that checks the level of glue applied on the side pasting flap of cartons. A small sensor, mounted right after the glue tank, checks the glue level on the flap. The sensor accurately senses the glue quantity at different locations throughout the flap. With changeable tolerances for both, less and excess glue level, the required quantity of glue can be applied on the flaps. Whenever the glue quantity is less or more than the set limits, the carton is ejected. This eliminates improper application of glue on the side pasting flaps and assures proper pasting.
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  3. Accucut for Schnidier

    Accucut for Schnidier

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  4. SEYPA Cutting Machine Program

    SEYPA Cutting Machine Program

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  5. Patwardhan Cutting Machine Programming

    Patwardhan Cutting Machine Programming

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