Pharmacode inspection system

Pharmacode inspection system

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                              Our sensor based system checks printing errors in codes and avoids mixups online. A small, lightweight , compact sensor  is used which is capable of inspection at very high speeds. Being a sensor based solution, it requires minimum involvement by the operator.This solution also helps to keep track of the total cartons that were rejected for mixups or misregistration of the pharmacode . It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Industry.This is an essential tool for all designers and printers of pharmaceutical packaging. Our inspection system ensures that the pharmacode on every carton is thoroughly inspected and those not up to the standard are ejected from the system thus assuring an immense improvement in the quality of packaging .


·         15 inch colour LCD display with touchscreen

  •     Interactive graphical user interface(GUI)
  •     Access control based on user levels
  •     Reasons for carton ejection


              Key features :




  •     Can catch mixup , missing bar in the Pharmacode, horizontal registration of Pharmacode (variation in the gaps          between the bars of the Pharmacode with settable tolerance), variation in   die punching. (with settable                       tolerances).
  •     It can decode single / multi-colored pharmacodes and display the Pharmacode as well as the value of the code.
  •     Record of ejected cartons is stored during the entire job, with the reasons for their ejection.
  •     A software is provided to the artwork generator for the generation of the Pharmacodes as desired.
  •     Its compact design makes it easy to mount on the prefold.
  •     Works at all speeds.
  •     Built-in ejection logic to give uninterrupted production.
  •     machine stop is provided for machines without ejection.
  •     New extremely easy to use GUI to operate the system.
  •     Parameters of old jobs is saved in the system so that the Operator does not have to spend extra time in setting         the new job.
  •   Teaching requires only one carton so there isn’t much wastage.
  •  Takes less than a minute to be set up for every job.
  •  15" Touch screen display.
  •   No separate cabinet. Only the display is mounted on the machine.
  •  Displays Speed of the belt of the machine.